Swami Satyanandji Maharaj

Shri Ram Sharnam, a prayer and meditation centre is the brainchild of Rishivar Swami Shri Satyanand Ji Maharaj.  Swami Ji was an erudite scholar, philosopher of high calibre, a sage endowed with supernatural powers or siddhies.  Swami Ji was gifted with one of the acutest intellect in the modern times.  His credentials as a social reformer were also par excellence.

Swami Ji’s spiritual journey started at an impressionable age, he was sixteen (16) when the Jain monks took the defenceless young orphan boy into their fold.  During his stay with the Jain monks, he learned and gained high proficiency in the Sanskrit language and became a gifted scholar to be reckoned with.  He read and grasped the Jain scriptures and often delivered discourses on various subjects dear and close to the Jain faith.  However, his spiritual curiosity was not quenched even after studying voluminous literature on Janism. He, therefore, couldn’t justify his stay with the Jain monks.  Finally, at the age of thirty (30) he parted ways with the monks on extremely amiable grounds and joined the Arya Samaj.   During his stay with the Arya Samaj, not only did he write incredible books, he catered to the religious needs of the general public by delivering, engaging and enlightening discourses on the Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Vedic scriptures.  Yet, his own inner-self was in a

constant state of turmoil for not having the direct experience of Ishwar Swaroopam (God). 

Finally, that happened in 1925 on the Vyas Poornima day at a secluded and remote forest area in Dalhousie (Himachal Pradesh) where Swami Ji remained in meditation for over a month.  The Lord answered his prayers and blessed him with the nectar of celebrated Ram Nam.  Swami Ji was overwhelmed and speechless.  At this point, the Lord also tasked Swami Ji to distribute the nectar of Ram Nam to the people.  Swami Ji was ready to do HIS bidding.