Sadhana Satsangs

(Spiritual Retreats)

Swami Ji understood that the root cause of the human misery was: 1) our total dependence on the world for lasting peace, security, satisfaction, happiness and the like; and 2) our ignorance about the real nature of God who is the source of perennial happiness and emancipation which this world (Apara Prakriti) could not provide.  We, the human-beings have four pursuits in life Artha (money and material). Kaam (entertainment and ways of life), Dharma (meritorious deeds) and Moksha (liberation).  Our scriptures teach us that surrendering unconditionally to the Lord yields all values of life (purusharthas), those devoted to the Lord receive Artha and Kaama incidentally.  To drive home the point, it was imperative that people were disciplined and spiritually more aware and mentally relaxed so that they would seek refuge in Lord Ram (the Absolute Truth, Para Prakriti). 

The stage was set for organizing Sadhana Satsangs (spiritual retreats) to provide a holistic solution to the human ills.  The very first 3-day retreat was held in the sacred city of Haridwar in the year 1936.  The participants engaged in various spiritual practices such as Dhyaan, Jaap, Simaran, Swaadhyaaya and singing glories to Lord Ram.  People also learned how to organise their time in meaningful pursuits, harmonize and uplift their spiritual lot which brought peace and serenity in their lives at least during the retreat.  Swami Ji laid certain rules and guidelines that the participants had to follow very strictly during the Satsang.  Not only that Swami Ji advised the entire congregation to adopt them in their daily lives but also adapt their lives accordingly.  Today, those rules and regulations are a standard for all Sadhana Satsangs.  The success of the first ever Sadhana Satsang became the launching pad for many more Sadhana Satsangs across various cities in India.

Consequently, Sadhana Shivirs were organised in Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Lyallpur (now in Pakistan), Kapurthala (Punjab), Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Delhi. Devotees of Shri Ramsharnam Toronto chapter had been organizing Sadhana Shivirs on regular basis at Shadow Lake, Stouffville, Ontario since 1986.