Importance of Jaap

While everyone is seeking peace of mind in different pursuits, few get it. Right from the cradle to the grave we keep oscillating between a tear & a smile with no inner stable and lasting peace. Respected Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj has explained that devotee of   ‘Ram-Naam’ needs to make ‘jaap’ an integral part of his life with highest priority in daily routine. He has counselled the devotees to practice daily ‘Naam –jaap’ in excess of ten thousand times. (Saral Samadhi)

The sacred ‘Ram- Naam’ is purely scientific in nature and logical in practice. It works with acoustic vibrations which harmonize the body, mind & soul and then moves beyond the silence where it would lead to eternal light which remains a matter of experience. Swami Ji Maharaj taught us the ‘Ram-Naam’ jaap which stores all the answers a mind can ask. ‘Naam-Jaap’ provides us the path to eternal salvation from life and death.  With continuous ‘Simran’ of Ram-Naam Jaap, Devotee (Saadhak) is bound to progress on the spiritual path and to attain oneness with the all-pervading Spirit of the Universe and unites with the Supreme sentience to realize his true identity. Regular ‘Naam-Jaap’ if performed with each breathing and done as frequently as possible, becomes a ‘Saral Samadhi’ because the methodology harps on simplicity and clarity. It is devoid of any convoluted techniques or rituals and abstains from material offerings of any kind. In the absence of any rituals, it becomes easy to practice since breathing is automatically done at all times at all places and in all situations. The methodology is solely based on the perpetual recital of the ‘Maha-Mantra’ of ‘Ram-Naam’.  Once the devotee identifies himself as only a ‘Drishta’, a witness, he does not consider himself as ‘Karta’ and  thereby relieves  himself from the delusions and attractions of the  outside world which happen on the surface and are related to the perishable  human body, perceived by senses only.

The devotee should have purity of thought and an absolute faith about God’s presence in the inner most recesses of his heart. While working, travelling or undertaking other pursuits of life, the devotee should undertake ‘Mantra-Jaap’ remembering every now and then, “I am not alone. Lord, the Supreme Being, the presiding deity of the ‘Naam-Mantra’ is inseparably associated with me and is always close to me; He helps and protects me”. This faith should be so resolute that the notion of God’s non-existence or Him being at a distance should never ever appear in the consciousness of the devotee. The mind of the ‘Saadhak’ should always, doubtlessly, be in such a state.

A decisive and organized devotee with firm faith achieves success in every sphere of life. All the hurdles disappear and his spiritual path unfolds by itself. ‘Naam-Jaap’ is actually a kind of ‘Vichaar-Yog’ (Yoga of Thought). The more one establishes ‘Naam’ in one’s thoughts, the more potent becomes one’s mental, vocal and intellectual strength.

‘Gyan’ or knowledge can be shared, exchanged or read from outside sources but ‘Anubhav’ or experience has to come from within which is only possible with first-hand experience of continuous ‘Jaap’ which is ‘Beejaakshar’ ‘or Seed and tends to generate everlasting peace with strong vibrations of faith, devotion and  righteousness.

‘Ram-Naam’ is the most precious gift of Swami Ji to his devotees for everlasting peace which is beyond time & space. 

While ‘Amrit-Vani’ written by Shri Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj is a small/pocket sized booklet but conveys a powerful message about Ram Naam. It conveys that every time you breathe, if you remember Ram Naam, your mind will be free from the worldly distractions substituting it with true & everlasting peace while shifting the direction of your thoughts from outside world to inner peace. ‘Naam-jaap’ provides us the path to eternal salvation from life and death.

Continuous Jaap with firm faith and unshakable devotion is the best ‘Shradhanjali’ to respected Swami Ji Maharaj.