The Background

(Satsangs - Religion-spiritual Gatherings)

Swami Ji embarked upon the mission and painstakingly travelled to the length and breadth of India seeking devotees and holding Satsangs.  Swamji had a charismatic personality that attracted people like a magnet.  People confided in him at first sight and at the conclusion of every service, they would seek audiences with him to discuss their personal, psychological, social, financial and other family related problems.

Although people knew that in their lives, happiness, sorrow, the consequences of attachment and aversion, birth and death were natural, but Swamiji found that people were so deeply engrossed in their problems that they had become neurotic, despondent and confused and had failed to deal with those problems pragmatically.  In this complex unsettling world we all face moral and ethical dilemmas.  Daily tussles, competitions and tensions of life granulate our mind.  In such situations we need a mentor to guide us through these difficulties.  Swami Ji came to our rescue as a God-sent trailblazer.  It afforded Swami Ji an opportunity to gauge the spiritual pulse of the nation, diagnose their disease and provide a practical solution to their problems.